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How to Build a Web Form with the Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress | How to Build a Gravity Forms in WordPress
Gravity Forms Video Course

Learn Exactly How to Unleash the Power of the Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress with Our Advanced Video Training Course

In my opinion, the average user will be lost without a tutorial like this video course. It is an excellent way to learn about the plugin before you invest in it, and if you already own it, this course will enable you to get up and running at full capacity right away.

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How to Build a Form?

This is the exact question we get asked almost daily by our WordPress website clients. Our answer has always been “…get the Gravity Forms plugin.”


Before the Gravity Forms plugin existed we used a variety of freely available plugins for WordPress that allowed us to build web forms but we quickly reverted to creating our own custom web forms as soon as something more robust than a simple “Contact Us” form was needed.

Then Gravity Forms was Released by Rocketgenius.

When we first became aware of Gravity Forms back in 2010, our first thought was “why do we need to buy a plugin to build website forms when we already have free ones available, and if needed, we could simply code our own?”

But that thought quickly faded as we took a closer look at the features and capabilities of the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress. Not only does it provide a simple interface for building web forms, but it also provides incredible tools for creating very advanced web forms, all with a simple point and click interface.

Why We Created This How to Build a Form Video Tutorial Course.

Since purchasing the developer license of the Gravity Forms plugin and using it on our sites and those of our clients, we have have been nothing but impressed with both the ease of use and also the support that the folks at Rocketgenius provide. Not only that, but they are continually developing this plugin and adding new features requested by customers.

However, although there is a lot of written documentation provided to purchasers of this plugin, we are visual learners and do much better when seeing something in action rather than reading through a “how to build a form” series of web pages.

It wasn’t just us. Because we own the developer license and we use this on many clients sites, there were numerous times when site owners wanted to use the plugin to create an additional web form for their business and didn’t know how to use Gravity Forms. It was then that we started including “how to build a web form” videos for our clients, and it turned out that they were visual learners too. Seeing it in action allowed them to “just get it”.

Maybe you’re a developer or site owner with the same set of problems? Then this course is for you.


Not Sure If You Need This Course?

We’re so confident of the quality of our Gravity Forms Video Course, we’ve included the first video in our course below. Go ahead and hit “Play” to learn our teaching style and see for yourself how our proven course will help your business succeed.

As you’ve just seen in the video above, we love the Gravity Forms plugin and are intimately familiar with all of it’s features…from simple contact forms to advanced user submitted content forms.

Our teaching style is direct and streamlined, with no fluff. Not only will you learn about all of the features included in the Gravity Forms plugin on our video training course, but you’ll see us creating advanced forms right in front of your eyes.

We know that using the Gravity Forms plugin in our own business has increased our web development capabilities, and our income, and now you will learn how to do the same.

Don’t just take our word for it, look what others are saying about our course…

I’d been hearing about Gravity Forms for months and really didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. But then I had a project come up where I needed an affordable way to collect applications, so I went ahead and purchased it.

Sweet Baby Lettuce! I had NO idea you could do so many things with this plugin! I can’t believe I waited so long to grab this tool and am SO grateful for Adam’s tutorial series. My mind is totally spinning with ideas for new projects now. (Thanks for that, Adam!)

Get this video tutorial course — you won’t be sorry!

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I had heard of gravity forms before this offering but never tried it out. I had thought it was a premium plugin that you could use to add a contact form to your WordPress site. Big Deal… I have a couple of great plugins that are free that work great for me as a contact me plugin – so I never gave Gravity Forms a second thought.

Well that is like thinking that Mt Everest is a big hill.

Gravity Forms is ton more than just a contact form. You can custom create any type of form you can think of using the Gravity Forms plugin. That said, it can be a bit of a head-scratcher trying to figure out how to use it to its full potential.

The How To Build A Web Form series of videos takes all the head-scratching out of the equation. Remember that I’ve never used Gravity Forms before so it took me until most of the way through video 2 before the ideas started flowing.

Custom surveys with prizes upon completion, Custom testimonial capture forms, Custom email or lead capture forms, Custom order forms…

Whatever type of form you can think of, add the phrase “On Steroids” to the end of it and you have Gravity Forms, and these videos walk you through every step of the process.

When you get to video 7 prepare to be amazed. Interactive Forms!!!

So if you are like me and have never used Gravity Forms or worse, you have Gravity Forms but only use it for a lead capture or contact us form, then you will love the videos these guys have put together.

2 Thumbs Up!!

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Become Proficient in All Gravity Forms Features

  • Overview and Installation
  • Add-Ons and Form Builder Interface
  • Creating a Basic Contact Form
  • How to Display a Gravity Form
  • Form Editor Standard Fields
  • Form Editor Advanced Fields
  • Post Fields
  • Pricing Fields
  • Conditional Fields
  • How to Create a Multi-Page Form
  • How to Create a File Upload Form
  • How to Create a Guest Author Submission Form
  • How to Create an Order Form
  • How to Use Content Templates in Forms
  • ...And More!

As a WordPress developer and tutor, I’ve had access to Gravity Forms for a long time and used the plugin across countless sites. However it wasn’t until recently that I really started digging behind the obvious and realising the true power of Gravity Forms. It took me a great deal of trial and error to set up my first complex forms that allowed for PayPal donations, Aweber optins and conditional logic within an easy to use web form.

Little more than a month later and Adam comes out with this comprehensive course for how to do everything that I’d done in my sites and more. I went through the entire course in a single night and even with all of the new features I’d learnt about recently, I still picked up a few great tips and ideas that I will be using to create even more powerful web forms in the future.

If you’re new to Gravity Forms, or worse if you’re like me and neglected half of it’s features for a year, then make sure you check out the full course to get your creative juices going. I challenge any true entrepreneur to go through the entire product without coming away with at least one potentially profitable idea.

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Important Note:

This course is meant for WordPress website owners who have purchased the Gravity Forms Plugin from rocketgenius. If you don’t own Gravity Forms, go here now.

*** We have no association with Gravity Forms or rocketgenius other than being very satisfied customers. ***

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